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1. Treatment of offers

a) The client is limited to the definition of the company QUBIK UG to third parties

Become. Infringements include a liability for damages equal to the unified brokerage fee.

b) If the client is aware of the saleability or rentability of a counterfeit item, the company QUBIK UG has incomprehensible, latest

within 8 days, in writing.

c) The client recognizes in conclusion of contracts with natural and legal persons who are personally or economically connected with him, the cause of the final case

Follow-up or placement commission of the company QUBIK UG.


2. Conclusion of contract

a) with the conclusion of a notarized purchase contract or a rental contract by the after-sale or operation of the company QUBIK UG has arisen and is due in favor of a brokerage fee. The company QUBIK UG is entitled to attend the contract.

QUBIK UG to the Qubik UG to the questions of the first of the QUBIK UG not the sound of the greatest or in its economic Success only insignificantly deviates from the offered.

c) If a contract is concluded without the prerequisite of QUBIK UG, this must be granted by the customer through the contractual partner and the terms of the contract.


3. Commission rates

The following commission rates are common:

a) Purchase and sale price of the property: From the buyer and seller: 3.57% each

b) Heritable building right, calculated from the value of the land: from the landlord and landowner: 3.57% each

c) Commercial space rental:

From the landlord: 1,19 monthly nests and from the tenant: 2,38 monthly nets.

For contracts up to 5 years duration: 2.38 monthly nets. Contracting with the Contracts of the Contracts of the Contracts and Contracts. The pre-set commission rates include the currently valid value of 19%. If a change in the tax rate is to be included, the corresponding adjustment to the brokerage commission procedure is the tax rate as a whole, which is met at the time of the provisioning problem. In the case of objects that are not evidenced or brokered by the Stuttgart branch, but also by other branch offices of QUBIK UG


4. Activity with contractors

The company QUBIK UG is entitled to become commission-liable also for the other contracting party.


5. Order duration

The brokerage contract may be terminated at any time without notice, unless it is an exclusive contract. The termination must be in writing. The customer is obliged to notify as soon as an order placed with QUBIK UG has become obsolete.


6. Liability

The information provided by QUBIK UG about the property is based on the information given to you by third parties, in particular by the seller / landlord. A liability for the correctness and completeness of the information can not be assumed by QUBIK UG. Likewise, no guarantee can be given that the offered property will not be sold / rented elsewhere.


7. Claims for compensation

Contractual behavior of the client entitles the company QUBIK UG to compensate for their material expenses against individual proof. The pursuit of any claims for damages is the company QUBIK UG.


8. Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction for registered traders is Stuttgart.


9. Severability clause

Should individual provisions of this contract be incomplete or ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby.

Ineffective or incomplete provisions shall be replaced or supplemented by those which come closest to the original intention of the parties in the legally permissible manner.


10. Other agreements

If a client concludes a "brokerage order" or "general brokerage order" in written form with the company QUBIK UG, the agreements made there apply primarily to the "General Terms and Conditions" above. These are only supplementary to that extent

4. Activity with contractors

The company QUBIK UG is entitled to become commission-liable also for the other contracting party.