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Homestaging is called the professional reconditioning of real estate or complete real estate for sales promotion.

This can include the targeted use of furniture, color, light, wall and floor design and / or alternatively done in digital form with rendered floor plans.This creates an almost real virtual world that makes it possible to visualize something that does not exist.

Homestaging will sell your home or condo better and in less time. With a reduced and cultivated flair, the viewer is quickly given an intellectual access. Already with entry into the respective room one should begin in the spirit to furnish it with the own furniture.

Our range:


- Painting works
- Facade works
- Framework
- Demolition and disposal
- Paving
- Garden and landscaping


- Drywall work
- Walls
- Blankets
- Cleaning work
- Installation of doors
- Floor coverings
- Tiling work
- Building final cleaning

We are planning homebases

- Pleasant room climate
- Residential quality vs. costs
- Collection of data
- Lighting
- Entertainment
Intelligent room- and buildingsystems are the future.
Retrofitting is possible.

Smart Home

Control your new property by app. The Smart-Home automation can be extended almost unlimited.
Whether windows, sensors,
cameras, heating controllers or alarm systems, the possibilities of
an intelligent solution for your rooms are almost endless.



  • Reconditioning
  • Remodeling
  • Digitale Plans / Rendering
  • Smarthome



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